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Rafael Amadeus Hines

Praise for BISHOP’S WAR

“A real rouser of a thriller to keep you on edge throughout, BISHOP’S WAR marks the arrival of a talented writer and one you’d do well to keep on your radar.  Raising high expectations for future releases from Rafael Hines, it is highly recommended.”—Book Viral, naming BISHOP’S WAR winner of the Book Viral Millennium Book Award

“A fast and twisting plot involving the war on terror in Afghanistan, terrorists in New York City, government corruption, and a family crime syndicate.  Our hero, Sgt. John Bishop, a Special Ops officer, must face attacks on many fronts and from many enemies.  And, as is often the case, he learns that the biggest war is the battle we fight with ourselves.  This book will engage you with the plot, characters, and solid writing. There are many well-developed characters that encompass most of humanity’s best and worst traits.  Highly recommend!"—Happy Reader, Five stars,

“A great suspense-thriller, definitely a page turner that reminded me of some of my favorite books by guys like Baldacci, Grisham, Patterson, and Connelly.  The subject matter combines elements of the classic war hero comes home story, mixed in with terrorist activity on American soil, government corruption, and the involvement of a powerful organized crime family—really very timely subject matter with everything going on in the world today."—Mike Barrett, Five stars,

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