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T. J. English

  • (William Morrow, Winter 2018)
  • by T. J. English
  • Foreign Publishers:

    Pan Macmillan - Australia
    HarperCollins - Brazil
    Flammarion - France
    Heyne - Germany
    Piemme - Italy
    Hayakawa - Japan
    Otwarte - Poland

    Debate - Spain
    Blink - U.K.

  • A unique American gang story that has never been fully told. The leader of "The Corporation," Jose Miguel Battle, Sr., ("El Padrino") was known as "The Godfather." He had been Batista's bag man, bringing him his cut from the gambling casinos when the Mafia ran Cuba. Battle escaped to the States where he and other Cubans were trained by the CIA to invade the country at the ill-fated Bay of Pigs. 

    The Godfather came out of that debacle as a certified hero to most Cuban-Americans. The core of the gang had been trained as a unit, and together formed "The Corporation." They started out running the popular lottery, but soon moved on to drugs, money laundering, and other criminal activities. The gang would survive and grow until finally being brought down by a detective who pursued them relentlessly for years.

    "The canvas will be large," says the author, "because the story of The Corporation is not only the story of a very special criminal enterprise, but also the story of a generation and a culture defining itself through a brutal version of the American Experience."

    The companion volume to the author's bestseller HAVANA NOCTURNE.

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