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Peter Swanson

Praise for Peter Swanson

 “Swanson unfolds this creepy story with the assurance and economy of a master. Surprises follow one another with inevitability, until the final electrifying jolt.”—The Wall Street Journal, for BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM


“Swanson is on brilliant form in this intriguing, fast-paced thriller…Compelling, creepy, and psychologically astute, this is stylish thriller writing at its very best.”—The Guardian, for BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM


“Swanson successfully constructs a teetering house of cards precariously stacked with lies… Suspense lovers will devour this deliciously duplicitous read, which is chock-full of twists, turns, lust, greed, and dishonesty.” —Library Journal, for ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES


“This should go straight to the top of any crime fan’s reading pile…I read it in a near-single sitting: he is so good.”—Bookseller (UK), for ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES


“Psychological thriller devotees should block time to read Swanson’s novel in one sitting, preferably in the daylight.” —Library Journal, Starred Review; Top Ten “LibraryReads” title, for HER EVERY FEAR


“Swanson…introduces a delicious monster-under-the-bed creepiness to the expected top-notch characterization and steadily mounting anxiety.”—Booklist, Starred Review, for HER EVERY FEAR


“A twisty tale of warring sociopaths [and] a good companion to similar stories by Laura Lippman and Gillian Flynn.”—Booklist, Starred Review, for THE KIND WORTH KILLING


“Revenge has rarely been served colder than in Swanson’s exceptional thriller, his second standalone after 2013’s The Girl with a Clock for a Heart. . . . With scalpel-sharp prose, Swanson probes the nature of coldblooded evil. Few will be prepared for the crushing climax.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, for THE KIND WORTH KILLING

“Swanson hits the mystery writer's daily double: a devilish premise combined with jaw-dropping execution.” —Booklist, Starred Review, for EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS


“The perfect gift for well-read mystery mavens who complain that they don't write them like they used to.”—Kirkus, Starred Review, for EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS


“Swanson will keep most readers guessing until the end. Classic whodunit fans will be in heaven.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, for EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS

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