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John Woods

  • (Pegasus, Forthcoming)
  • by John Woods
  • The gripping story of a teenage girl determined to escape her bleak and violent world of fracking in mid-America. On her way out, she will commit an act of eco-terrorism on the frackers who have poisoned her young brother as well as the town's air and water. She will also be responsible for the murder of two people. A novel reminiscent of the bleak landscape and the violent world of BLOOD MERIDIAN. 

    A note from the author:
    I grew up in Appalachian Ohio. It is coal country and fracking country, a land of dark hills. It is a place I feel I have escaped, a place that has deeply influenced me and my writing. I find that most writing about rural America is fixated either on bucolic ideals or backwoods stereotypes. I think the truth is much more interesting and disturbing. My work explores the silent despair of small-town life, environmental decay, and the rise of fascistic thinking in America.

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