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Jordan Harper

  • (Ecco, June 2017)
  • by Jordan Harper
  • Foreign Publishers
    Actes Sud - France
    Ullstein - Germany
    Einaudi - Italy
    Simon & Schuster - UK

    Film Rights
    Parkes+MacDonald Productions

  • Nate McClusky, just days before being released from prison, runs afoul of the powerful leader of a white supremacist gang with chapters all over America. On his release, he discovers that both he and his entire family have been "green lit" by the national organization for murder. When the bodies of his ex-wife and her husband are discovered, the police too are soon hunting for him.

    Nate kidnaps his 11-year-old daughter, Polly, and tries to find ways to save them both. Fortunately, she is in many ways smarter than her dad. She is the heart of this brilliant novel. Readers will remember her for years.

    Film rights have been sold to Parkes+MacDonald Productions, in an unusual deal in which the author will write the film script. The team was responsible for three consecutive Best Picture Oscars.

    "Jordan's novel somehow manages to operate as a beautifully crafted piece of popular fiction and an E-ticket ride to a world which is equal parts terrifying yet strangely its core a deeply felt meditation on paternal love." - Walter Parkes

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