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Michael White

  • The Beautiful Assassin
  • (William Morrow, Fall 2009)
  • by Michael White
  • Tat'yana Levchenko was the most decorated sniper in the Russian Army in 1942, with a record 300 confirmed kills of German soldiers. She was a hero, in the darkest days of the war. And, whether she wanted to or not, she was sent to America at the invitation of the President's wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. Her mission was to build support for the Russian war effort, though she would have preferred to fight on with her comrades at the front.

    Guarded by NKVD agents, Tat'yana mysteriously disappears on her tour in America, and her death in a plane crash is reported. It will be 50 years before the real story is revealed and the mystery of Tat'yana solved.

    Following up his brilliant novel, SOUL CATCHER, Michael White takes us back to an exciting moment in history and to another amazing woman character.

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