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Michael White

Praise for Michael White

“A marvelous historical novel.”
       - USA Today

“An exceptional novel from an experienced literary craftsman.”
       - The Charlotte Observer

“A vividly imagined historical novel … White writes colorful, muscular prose and knows how to keep a narrative cantering along.”
       - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“A sweeping novel spanning a tumultuous time in American history. … White has created a complicated and deeply scarred protagonist looking for salvation in a dark vision of human bondage, suffering, and deeply rooted changes that will split the nation into civil war. … Very convincing and well wrought.”
       - Library Journal

“An historical adventure, a romance, a perceptive commentary on slavery’s ills and a thoughtful character study—all wrapped up in this highly recommended novel.”
       - Bookpage

“White's emotionally packed novel delivers first-class examinations of morality, mixing strong supporting characters and unexpected plot turns, enveloping the reader in an extraordinary story.”
       - Publishers Weekly

“... a stark, stunningly well-written first novel by Michael C. White, a Pushcart nominee for earlier, shorter works of fiction.”
       - The New York Times Book Review, Marilyn Stasio

“Shuttling deftly between past and present, driven by undercurrents of latent energy, this novel marks White as a talented and energetic writer.”
       - Publishers Weekly

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