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Eugenia Kim

Praise for Eugenia Kim

"THE CALLIGRAPHER’S DAUGHTER fascinated me, as much for its characters as for its engrossing story of Korea under the Japanese occupation. Najin’s father is admirable for exactly the traits that make him difficult, and her apparently passive mother is heroic. I can’t stop thinking about them and their honest, brave, and very human daughter."
       - Alice Mattison, author of Nothing is Quite Forgotten
         in Brooklyn and The Book Borrower

"In THE CALLIGRAPHER’S DAUGHTER Eugenia Kim beautifully chronicles both the lost world of a traditional Korea and the lost childhood of her remarkable heroine. A coming-of-age story that resonates with larger significance, the novel movingly depicts the emotional cost of transformation and the love and sacrifice that make transformation possible. THE CALLIGRAPHER’S DAUGHTER is at once the story of a single life as well as the changing life of a nation and, while the details are fascinatingly exotic, the narrative rings with the hard-won truths of profound human experience. It is a noteworthy debut from a writer with great heart and empathy."
       - Sheridan Hay, author of The Secret of Lost Things

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