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Richard Russo


"Russo's 14th book blends everything we love about this author with something provides the familiar pleasure of immersion in the author's distinctive, richly observed world and his inimitable ironic voice."Kirkus, starred review, on CHANCES ARE...

"Russo takes deep philosophical dives, in the subtlest of ways, into issues of fate and free will and loyalty and lies...this is vintage Russo with a cunning twist."—Booklist, starred review, on CHANCES ARE...

"Getting into the minds of Russo's characters, no matter their background, is a singularly satisfying journey. Very few writers so thoroughly embrace human foibles or present them in such an accepting and empathic manner."Booklist, Starred Review, on TRAJECTORY

"Thoughtful and warmhearted, his fiction has the engaging quality of tales told by a friend, over drinks, about a person we know in common. And so we lean forward, eager to hear what happened next."The New York Times Book Review, on TRAJECTORY

"Russo hits his trademark trifecta: satisfying, hilarious, and painlessly profound."Kirkus, Starred Review, on EVERYBODY'S FOOL

"Russo writes with a warm, vibrant humanity...A stirring mix of poignancy, drama, and comedy."The Washington Post, on EMPIRE FALLS

"Russo is one of the best novelists around."The New York Times Book Review, on EMPIRE FALLS

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