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William Boyle


"Outstanding novel...Boyle's characters are vividly drawn and painfully real. Fans of literary crime novelists such as George Pelecanos and Richard Price will be highly rewarded."
--Publishers Weeklystarred and boxed review

"The author's exquisitely drawn character soon uncover secrets and make connections with each other that echo those of a Greek tragedy, with similar results. Boyle comfortably stands next to literary crime favorites like Don Winslow, Richard Price, and Lou Berney." --Library Journalstarred review

"Eschewing sentimentality yet still managing to find embers of tenderness in stunted lives, Boyle blends powerful social realism with a strong noir sensibility."

Praise for William Boyle

"An addictive hardboiled crime novel. Boyle skillfully mixes a classic Westlake/Leonard-style caper with the powerful tale of three women facing the ghosts of their pasts."
--Publishers Weeklystarred review, for A FRIEND IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF

"Recommend this triumph of moral ambiguity to fans of black humor, including that of Carl Hiaasen and Dennis Lehane, in addition to [Elmore] Leonard."
--Bookliststarred review, for A FRIEND IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF

"Powered by brilliantly realized characters, a richly described and grittily realistic backdrop, and subtle yet powerful imagery, this is crime fiction at its best: immersive, intense, and darkly illuminating."
--Publishers Weeklystarred review, for THE LONELY WITNESS

" outstanding thriller." --Bookliststarred review, for THE LONELY WITNESS

"[GRAVESEND] may remind crime-fiction devotees of novels by Dennis Lehane or George Pelecanos...Powerful reading." --Booklist, for GRAVESEND

"Fans of classic noir will find a lot to like." --Publishers Weekly, for GRAVESEND

" the Elmore Leonard vein: blue-color Brooklyn setting, idiomatic dialogue, no detective figure. Bristling with energy, GRAVESEND marks Boyle out as a new name to watch."
--The Guardian (U.K.), for GRAVESEND

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