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Tom Franklin


"A masterful performance, deftly rendered and deeply satisfying. For days on end, I woke with this story on my mind."
       -David Wroblewski

"[A] smart, thoughtful novel that sinks deep into a Southern hamlet of the American psyche."
       -Washington Post

"Beautiful writing, a spot-on sense of place, wickedly funny dialogue, and an emotionally potent story charge this highly original, literary crime offering from master stylist Tom Franklin."
       - George Pelecanos

"A ripping good mystery, this novel also has depth and a subtle literary side, as the local area comes to life through the writer’s cinematic descriptive phrases and a large and colorful cast of supporting characters. Highly recommended."
       - Library Journal (starred review)

"Long after the other 75 novels of suspense you’ve read this year merge in your memory, you’ll vividly recall this novel. Franklin has written not just a thriller of the first order, but a very fine novel, indeed."
       - Richard Russo

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