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T.J. English

Praise for T.J. English

“A whiz-bang account of the Mafia’s short-lived romp through 1950s Cuba.”

—New York Times Book Review on Havana Nocturne


“A tight storyteller, English provides a juicy mix of true crime and political intrigue, all set against the sexy sizzle of Havana nightlife.”

—San Francisco Chronicle on Havana Nocturne


“While Havana Nocturne makes you glad that Batista and his gangster pals ultimately got what they deserved, it also makes you regret never having gotten the chance to soak up a few mojitos while catching the floor show at the old Tropicana.”

—Village Voice


“Excellent. . . . [English] provides a detailed account of the personalities and elements that made up Cubal life. His well-researched descriptions of how business, gambling, politics, revolution, music and religion all played off each other give Havana Nocturne a broad context and a knowledgeable edge.”

—Washington Post


“A mob saga that has it all—brotherhood and betrayal, swaggering power and glittering success, and a Godfather whose reach seems utterly unrivaled. What a relentless, irresistible read.”

—Don Winslow on The Corporation


“English has scored gold again. . . . Riveting nonfiction worthy of the best creative storyteller. . . A first-rate saga of crime and corruption that is further testament to the author’s reputation among the nation’s most accomplished writers.”

—Library Journal (Starred Review) on The Corporation


“It’s a gripping, blood-soaked story, rich in drama and suspense; if it were a novel, you might expect to see Don Winslow’s name attached to it. Fans of true crime, especially those with a hankering for epic-sized stories, should flock to this book.”

—Booklist on The Corporation


“A Mario Puzo-worthy epic story . . . And it really is a story, as much as it’s a history, in that it has characters we come to know intimately and a narrative arc . . . It builds to great, Godfather-like dramatic heights.”

—Sullivan Co. Democrat on The Corporation


“This corporation is the Cuban exile version of the Mafia, and its adventures and misadventures might make Don Corleone blanch. . . . Battle . . . might have made a good study for Scarface . . . English capably covers half a century of criminal enterprise, avoiding the cliches of the true-crime genre while stocking his narrative with familiar players: the capos and goons, the cops and informants, a mistress or two, and John F. Kennedy. . . . Fascinating reading.”

—Kirkus Reviews on The Corporation

“An admirable counterweight to the bullet-splattered romances of Mafia Lit . . . Very entertaining.”

—Chicago Sun-Times on Paddy Whacked




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