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Tom Franklin

Praise for Tom Franklin


"Edgar Award winner Frankling renders luminous prose and a cast of compelling characters in this moody, masterful story." - Booklist, Starred and Boxed review

"A ripping good mystery, this novel also has depth and a subtle literary side, as the local area comes to life through the writer's cinematic descriptive phrases and a large and colorful case of supporting characters. Highly recommended." - Library Journal, Starred review

"This powerful story of redemption explores the toxic effects of prejudice. It is satisfying in a way that few crime novels are." - The Boston Globe

"[A] Smart, thoughtful novel that sinks deep into a Southern hamlet of the American psyche." - Washington Post


"These ten honestly crafted and carefully executed tales of cottonmouths and skulking outlaws in the South unflinchingly explore the pitfalls and dangers involved in making one's place in the world. The collection's power arises from Franklin's reluctance to analyze its (often bloody) events...Franklin's style is often as laconic and simply spoken as his characters' dialogue, sometimes close to Hemingway, but more often akin to Denis Johnson and Raymond Carver." - Publishers Weekly, Starred review

"Refreshingly gritty and unpretentious: stories that manage to open the door on what - for most readers - remains a previously unknown world." - Kirkus

"With this satisfying collection [Franklin] establishes himself as one of the region's more interesting emerging voices." - New York Times


"Franklin, whose award-winning POACHERS elicited comparisons to Faulkner, is a splendid stylist who explores moral issues and stocks this tale with memorable (if mostly unpleasant) characters, spinning it seemingly effortlessly to a final surprise twist." - Booklist, Starred Review

"Clean, unpretentious language laid down in masterly fashion propels Franklin's reconstruction of impoverished tenant farmers taking the law, or lack thereof, into their own hands at the end of the nineteenth century...Historical fiction as smooth and relentless as the darkest Elmore Leonard. First-rate." - Kirkus, Starred review

"HELL AT THE BREECH boasts all the satisfactions of a contemporary mystery, with a lovely post-Reconstruction touch - it's as if Faulkner wrote the serials, with all the pleasures and profound strangeness that that implies." - Entertainment Weekly

"Another literary knockout...Franklin does what Harper Lee did in To Kill A Mockingbird: he lets his set of quirky characters run the story while he focuses on the repercussions of his characters' curiosity and age...HELL AT THE BREECH is an impressive novel that should catapult Franklin into the big leagues." - USA Today

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