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James Keene and HIllel Levin

About James Keene

James Keene is the son of a former police officer who went from high school football star to major league drug dealer. Serving a long prison sentence, he accepted an offer from the federal government to go undercover as an inmate in the nation’s toughest maximum security prison for the criminally insane in order to help solve the case of a serial killer who was incarcerated there. In exchange, he would gain his own freedom. After his release, he returned to college and earned a degree in business. He now lives in Chicago.

Paramount is producing a major motion picture based on Keene’s life written by Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan and produced by Oscar-winners Graham King and Alexandra Milchan. In addition, Keene is working with Paramount to produce the upcoming film Nancy and Danny.

In addition, Keene is working with Paramount to produce the upcoming films Nancy and Danny and Code Name: Sasha.

About Hillel Levin

Over the course of his career, Hillel Levin has worked as an investigative reporter, magazine editor, media executive and non-fiction writer.

His reporting has appeared in The Nation, New York Magazine, Monthly Detroit Magazine and Metropolitan Detroit Magazine. He was executive editor of Metropolitan Detroit and editor of Chicago Magazine. In 1983, he wrote GRAND DELUSIONS: The Cosmic Career of John Z. DeLorean (Viking). After serving as an executive for magazine and web companies, he returned to non-fiction writing with the 2004 publication of WHEN CORRUPTION WAS KING (Carroll & Graf). Written with government informant Robert Cooley, the book reveals the influence of organized crime on Chicago’s courts and political system in the 1970s and ’80s, and the investigation, led by Cooley, that helped bring it to an end. Playboy published his article "Boosting the Big Tuna" in 2007, about the burglars who broke into the home of Tony Accordo, the long-time leader of the Outfit, Chicago’s Mafia. In 2008, Playboy published “The Strange Redemption of James Keene,” the basis for IN WITH THE DEVIL. GRAND DELUSIONS, WHEN CORRUPTION WAS KING, “Boosting the Big Tuna,” “If Looks Could Kill” (a.k.a Nancy and Danny), and IN WITH THE DEVIL are currently under development for film production.

Levin lives in the Chicago area with his wife and three sons.

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