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Jake Hinkson

Praise for Jake Hinkson


“Powered by raw emotional intensity and a disturbingly realistic portrayal of small-town America, this story is unforgettable.”Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Hinkson’s darkly satirical take on power and hypocrisy closes with a shocking but fitting twist.”Booklist

“Hinkson puts his foot on your throat on the first page and doesn’t let up. DRY COUNTY is the kind of book you sit down with and finish in one big gulp; it’s a masterpiece of economy and tension. An instant noir classic.”—William Boyle, author of A FRIEND IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF and THE LONELY WITNESS

“Desire, desperation, and despair collide in Jake Hinkson's bleakly imagined and perfectly rendered vision of small-town Arkansas. Religion, respectability, hope for the future—virtue is the flip side of vice and Hinkson drives that truth sharply home. ”—S. J. Rozan, bestselling author of Ghost Hero

“A day in a small town with big secrets is the setting for this perfect storm of a book. Jake Hinkson takes the reader on a white-knuckle ride in a world where good people have done bad things. I couldn’t put it down.” —Aoife Clifford, author of All These Perfect Strangers and Second Sight

“From its gripping first pages, the reader knows he or she is in the hands of an expert storyteller. DRY COUNTY is a dark, noir-ish tale that weaves religion, politics, family betrayals, and violence, all centered around the forgotten small towns of rural Arkansas.   Jake Hinkson spins a story that just holds onto you and doesn’t let go. Highly recommended.” —Brendan DuBois, three-time Shamus Award winner

“Jake Hinkson’s DRY COUNTY breathlessly propels readers through the noir landscape of small-town Arkansas, laying bare its hypocrisies and baser impulses. Imagine Breaking Bad’s Walter White as the pastor of a Baptist Church; Hinkson’s Brother Weatherford’s fall is as far, as dark, and as deep.”—John Copenhaver, author of Dodging and Burning

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