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Peter Swanson


"A devilish premise combined with jaw-dropping execution...Swanson hits every note in this homage to the old-school crime novel, and the turnabout ending will leave readers reeling in delight." - Bookliststarred review

"This outstanding fair-play crime novel...will keep most readers guessing until the end. Classic whodunit fans will be in heaven." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The pleasures of following, and trying to anticipate, a narrator who's constantly second- and third-guessing himself and everyone around him are authentic and intense...You wish the mounting complications, like a magician's showiest routine, could go on forever. " - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"...eerily cool narration, together with trust-no-one twists and garish murders, will satisfy thriller'll stay to the finish of this one." - Library Journal

"Engagingly original...a multilayered mystery that brims with duplicity, betrayal and revenge - all bubbling slowly to the surface...Swanson has a bent for revenge and murder. Fans won't be disappointed." - USA Today

"EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS [is] an homage to classic mystery stories that offers both the charms of a puzzle mystery and the bleak atmosphere of a noir...The flawed main characters are well developed, the New England settings are vividly drawn, and the twists keep coming in this suspenseful, ingeniously plotted tale." - Associated Press

"Intelligent, twisty, stylish, startling...No matter how well you know someone, you can never fully know what's in their heart and mind. EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS proves the point. Which is what makes it perfectly creepy." - New York Journal of Books

"An ingenious game of cat-and-mouse between Kershaw and the feds, and between Peter Swanson and the reader." - The Times (U.K.)

"This smart and super stylish thriller is a tremendously enjoyable love letter to crime fiction." - The Sunday Mirror (U.K.)

"Never less than enthralling, this urban nightmare is more than a match for the classic mysteries at the heart of the story." - The Daily Mail (U.K.)

"Fiendishly clever catnip for any lover of classic crime fiction." - Seattle Times

"Clever and surprising. EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS opens with a true mystery lovers delight, a killer seemingly paying homage to the classics. But you can barely say Agatha Christie before Swanson rips us from one startling plot twist to the next...With mounting tension and fraying nerves, it careens to the final stunning conclusion. A true tour de force." - Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author

"Fiendish good fun." - Anthony Horowitz, author of The Magpie Murders and "Foyle's War"

Praise for Peter Swanson

 “Swanson unfolds this creepy story with the assurance and economy of a master. Surprises follow one another with inevitability, until the final electrifying jolt.”—The Wall Street Journal, for BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM


“Swanson is on brilliant form in this intriguing, fast-paced thriller…Compelling, creepy, and psychologically astute, this is stylish thriller writing at its very best.”—The Guardian, for BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM


“Swanson successfully constructs a teetering house of cards precariously stacked with lies… Suspense lovers will devour this deliciously duplicitous read, which is chock-full of twists, turns, lust, greed, and dishonesty.” —Library Journal, for ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES


“This should go straight to the top of any crime fan’s reading pile…I read it in a near-single sitting: he is so good.”—Bookseller (UK), for ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LIES


“Psychological thriller devotees should block time to read Swanson’s novel in one sitting, preferably in the daylight.” —Library Journal, Starred Review; Top Ten “LibraryReads” title, for HER EVERY FEAR


“Swanson…introduces a delicious monster-under-the-bed creepiness to the expected top-notch characterization and steadily mounting anxiety.”—Booklist, Starred Review, for HER EVERY FEAR


“A twisty tale of warring sociopaths [and] a good companion to similar stories by Laura Lippman and Gillian Flynn.”—Booklist, Starred Review, for THE KIND WORTH KILLING


“Revenge has rarely been served colder than in Swanson’s exceptional thriller, his second standalone after 2013’s The Girl with a Clock for a Heart. . . . With scalpel-sharp prose, Swanson probes the nature of coldblooded evil. Few will be prepared for the crushing climax.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review, for THE KIND WORTH KILLING

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