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Jordan Harper

  • (Little, Brown, Spring 2023)
  • by Jordan Harper
  • Ullstein - Germany

  • Award-winning novelist, television writer, and producer Jordan Harper goes behind the scenes in Hollywood, drawing on the kinds of stories that people in the biz know but almost never talk about, in his fast-paced suspense novel.

    In EVERYBODY KNOWS, the first in a trilogy of Hollywood novels, it’s the job of ruthless and witty Mae Pruitt, a “black bag publicist,” not to get good news out, but to keep bad news in. Mae and her one-time lover Chris Tamburro, fired from the L.A.P.D. and now working as a “fist” for a security firm, join forces to solve a murder, uncover a twisted ring of sexual predators, and save the life of a young girl.

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