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Jordan Harper

“EVERYBODY KNOWS is the best mystery novel I’ve read in years.  It’s also one of the darkest.  Is L.A. worthy of a circle in Dante’s Inferno? Seems reasonable to me. Jordan Harper writes sentences, and in this case an entire book, that is both terrifying and exhilarating.”– James Patterson, #1 NY Times bestselling author

“EVERYBODY KNOWS rages through the City of Angels like a broken-dam flood…the book everyone’s been waiting for.” --Michael Connelly, Edgar Winner and #1 NYT Best-Selling author of the BOSCH series

"EVERYBODY KNOWS is one of the best LA noir novels I've ever read. The writing is astonishingly good. It's a wild, honest, sharp, and suspenseful ride, full of wry observations about the nature of power and the cost of being good in a bad, bad world."—Attica Locke, Edgar Winner and NYT Best-Selling author of BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD

"Just as Ellory mastered the atavistic heart of 1950's corruption, so Jordan Harper has mastered articulating the Day-Glo Technicolor nightmare that is postmodern Los Angeles. EVERYBODY KNOWS is filled with ballsy movers and shakers, of course, but also plastic social media influencers, high-rent hoods, nihilistic cops, and the sorts of lost souls you’ll never forget. EVERYBODY KNOWS is an absolute tour de force, a trip through an exclusive alluring Hell where everyone gets what they want and just what they deserve.” —SA Cosby, bestselling and LA Times Book Prize-winning author of RAZORBLADE TEARS and BLACKTOP WASTELAND

“With EVERYBODY KNOWS, Jordan Harper takes on the Beast—the monstrous, corrupt, insatiable mass of organs that eats the losers and feeds the winners in capitalist America, with Hollywood as its base of operations. Our guides to this world (our world) are two of its own dirty players, a celebrity publicist with killer instincts and an ex-cop goon for hire, looking for survival and money and maybe, if it's in the cards, a little bit of redemption. It's a juggernaut of a novel, fast and high-impact, with a sense of doomed humor and bright, sharp teeth.” —Steph Cha, LA Times Book Prize-winning author of YOUR HOUSE WILL PAY

“Jordan Harper writers like he’s L.A.’s avenging angel. EVERYBODY KNOWS is timely. It’s timeless. It’s a knockout punch.” --James Kestrel, author of the Edgar Award-winning FIVE DECEMBERS

"Searing, timely, sprawling, EVERYBODY KNOWS pulls back Hollywood’s velvet curtain, exposing the sordid machinations on which the industry runs and the seamy complicity which keeps it humming. This is L.A. noir at its most incendiary. "--Megan Abbott, bestselling author of THE TURNOUT

What a ride! If it were possible for James Ellroy and James M. Cain to produce a bastard love child, it would be EVERYBODY KNOWS by Jordan Harper. Awash in substance abuse, sex and demented violence, this is the LA of a good drug trip turned very bad.” --Dennis Lehane, bestselling author of MYSTIC RIVER and SHUTTER ISLAND

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