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Richard Russo

Praise for Richard Russo



"The fun of this novel is in hearing these guys (and women) talk...they're funny, quick and inventive. The novel's tone has the same...intelligence as its characters."—The New York Times Book Review

"...Large, comfortable, good-natured....teems with local characters...richly conceived and drawn so lovingly that you can't help but like them."—Philadelphia Inquirer

"[Sully is] reminiscent, in a way, of Bellow's old men....One never tires of watching him, because he has the capacity to make everyone around him feel better, including the reader."—The New Yorker



"Russo can penetrate to the tender quick of ordinary American lives."—Entertainment Weekly

"One of our most adept surveyors of the human landscape."—Philadelphia Inquirer

"The humor prompts big belly laughs, and the pathos sets tears to flowing."—Houston Chronicle



"Not one wrong note....Russo demonstrates a stunning ability for nailing the essentials of character and atmosphere."—Newsday

"[Russo is] one of the best novelists around....As the pace quickens and the disparate threads of the narrative draw tighter, you find yourself torn between the desire to rush ahead and the impulse to slow down."—The New York Times Book Review

"A rare novel, thoughtful and entertaining."—USA Today



"Intimate and impeccably told tale."—Julia M. Klein, Chicago Tribune

"Moving and darkly funny...Russo mines grace from his gritty hometown [and] the greatest charm of this memoir lies in the absences of self-pity and pretension."—Amy Finnerty, The Wall Street Journal

"One of the most honest, moving American memoirs in years."—Michael Schaub, NPR

"An affecting yet never saccharine glimpse of the relationship among place, family and fiction."—Kirkus



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