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David Abrams

Advanced Praise for David Abrams

"Stories in and around war rely on irony to convey this unnatural human behavior; but in this appalling comedy the indifference of participants not actually being shot at or blown up—their headlong pursuit of folly—raises the immorality of war to white heat. This delightful, readable, believable and useful book made me furious!"
       - Tom McGuane, author of DRIVING ON THE RIM

"FOBBIT is fast, razor sharp, and seven kinds of hilarious. Thank you, Mr. Abrams, for the much needed salve—it feels good to finally laugh about Iraq. FOBBIT deserves a place alongside SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE and CATCH-22 as one of our great comic novels about the absurdity of war."
       - Jonathan Evison, author of WEST OF HERE

"A darkly funny chronicle of the Iraq War, FOBBIT explores the modern military machine with searing resolve. Contemporary warfare is often as absurd as it is ugly, a truth that gives FOBBIT and its unforgettable cast of characters both depth and nuance. This is a book that speaks to the power of fiction—a war story too profane and profound for the newspapers and the nightly news. Want to think, laugh and cry, all at the same time? Read this novel."
       - Matt Gallagher, author of KABOOM

"Wavy Gravy once said, "Without a sense of humor, it just isn’t funny." FOBBIT is hilarious, but the subject matter is deadly serious. The protagonist is a "fobbit," the term used by the grunts for the non-combatants ensconced inside well-protected forward operating bases, oases of junk food, air-conditioning, and all the comforts of home. But throughout the book, the fobbits are shadowed by the presence of the infantry who live in horrible conditions and are the smelly, dirty, haggard reminders that there is a real war going on just outside the gates. This is a remarkable book because it was written by a man who served as a member of an army public relations team in Iraq, i.e. a fobbit himself. It is the rare writer–indeed, the rare person–who can step outside of himself and see with cold clarity the humor and pathos of his situation and then bring the reader to the same understanding. David Abrams is such a writer."
       - Karl Marlantes, author of MATTERHORN

"FOBBIT should be required reading for America. Hilarious and tragic, it’s as if Louis C.K. and Lewis Black provided commentary to THE HURT LOCKER. I read the novel mesmerized, and found myself thinking "Please tell me none of this is autobiographical" on just about every page. There will be innumerable comparisons to CATCH-22, but FOBBIT, believe me, stands on its own. Thank you, David Abrams, for your vision, heart, and daring."
       - George Singleton, author of STRAY DECORUM

"The first major work of fiction about America’s war for Iraq."
       - Aaron Gwyn, author of DOG ON THE CROSS and THE WORLD BENEATH

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