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William Boyle

Praise for William Boyle:



“Boyle’s writing is raw, poetic, unflinching, nostalgic, and perverse.  Urgency inhabits his pages, and the characters live on weeks after you put the book down. GRAVESEND is a novel read in a day, then read again, slowly.”—Anya Groner, L.A. Review of Books


“GRAVESEND is one of these novels that connects so deeply, it’ll make you wonder why you spent so much time and energy on all these other novels that fail to connect the dots and expose the visceral truths of crime.  When a novel is this good, you get kind of feverish about it.”—Benoît Lelièvre, Dead End Follies


“Like Thomas Hardy and Bernard Malamud before him, Boyle is many things at once…. He is, in short, a damn good storyteller.”—Alex Shakespeare, North Dakota Quarterly


“GRAVESEND is a taut exploration of the ways we hurt and save (or try to save) one another.  With unforgettable characters, a first for a plot and a deeply evocative setting, Boyle navigates streets with the best of them, Lehane, Price, and Pelecanos.”—Tom Franklin, author of POACHERS and CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER 

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