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Roger Hobbs

  • Ghostman
  • by Roger Hobbs
    Intrinseca: Brazil

    Obsidian: Bulgaria
    Grupo 62: Catalan
    Algoratim: Croatia
    Alpress: Czech Republic
    Anton & Ludwig: Denmark
    Laffont: France
    Goldmann: Germany
    Klidarithmos: Greece
    Prometheus: Holland
    Libri: Hungary
    Kinneret: Israel
    Einaudi: Italy
    Bungeishunju: Japan
    Font Forlag: Norway
    Rebis: Poland
    Sinbad: Russia
    Random House Mondadori: Spain
    Bokfabriken: Sweden
    Faces: Taiwan
    Amarin: Thailand
    Koridor: Turkey
    Transworld: U.K.

  • Known to only a few people, Jack is one of the most successful armed robbers in the world. His specialty is cash. His persona neatly disguised through years of stagecraft.

    In this debut novel, Jack has the chance to make a huge killing in easily transmitted cash – or be killed in the process. He is one of the most original central characters ever to appear in a thriller.

    The author, Roger Hobbs, was 22 years old when he completed the first draft of this novel while still a senior at Reed College.

    A brilliant launch to a new writer’s career.

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