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Carolyn Hays

  • (Blair Books, September 5 2022)
  • by Carolyn Hays
  • Ara Llibres - Catalan
    Flammarion - France
    ADD Edizioni - Italy
    Planeta - Spain
    Picador - U.K.

  • One ordinary day, a caseworker from the Department of Children and Families knocked on the Hays family’s door to investigate an anonymous complaint about the upbringing of their transgender child. It was this knock, this threat, that began the family’s journey out of the Bible Belt, but never far from the hate and fear resting at the nation’s core.

    A GIRLHOOD, a mother's "letter" to her transgender daughter, asks us all to love better, not just for the sake of this one child, but for children everywhere enduring injustice and prejudice just as they begin to understand themselves. A GIRLHOOD is a call to action, an ode to community, a plea for empathy, a hope for a better future. A GIRLHOOD is a love letter to a child who has always known exactly who she is—and who is waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

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