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Bob Drury and Tom Clavin

Advance Praise for HALSEY'S TYPHOON

"It turns out the most deadly blow struck against the American Pacific fleet in World War II was not inflicted by the Japanese, but by Mother Nature. Drury and Clavin tell a powerful and engrossing story of tragedy, survival, and heroism that is a surprising snapshot of the extraordinary skill, and stubborn resolve of the Americans who prevailed in that conflict. Halsey’s Typhoon joins a rare shelf of must-read books about the most important conflict of the twentieth century."
       —Mark Bowden, author of Guests of the Ayatollah

"Superb narrative nonfiction is a joy to read regardless of the subject. Clavin and Drury have written superbly about men at war at sea. Their writing is as clever and compelling as it is rich with detail."
       —Gary Kinder, author of Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue

"I thought I was a student of military history, but until I read Halsey’s Typhoon, I had no inkling that such an epic disaster—and an even more epic rescue mission—struck the U.S. Navy in World War II. This is a brilliant book, a rip-roaring read that puts you, sweating with fear, right in the middle of the action."
       —Col. (Ret.) David Hunt, author of They Just Don’t Get It, and Fox News Counter Terrorism and Military Analyst

"With Halsey’s Typhoon, Drury and Clavin have discovered an epic nautical adventure worthy of Joseph Conrad. What’s more, their telling of the story is at once taut, poignant and evocative. You can smell the blood in the water, but you can’t put it down."
       —Mark Kriegel, author of Namath and Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich

"This book is so good that I kept forgetting that I was reading it to ensure accuracy instead of merely reading because it was captivating. What a terrific story. Where did we find such men?"
       —Captain Michael J. Jacobsen, United States Navy

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