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Brian Panowich


"Make room for this splendid genre-bender, a crime novel with emotional resonance and a steady flow of fine writing. Plus staggering plot twists, jaw-dropping revelations, and enough suspense to fill two books...A first-rate thriller, lavishly decked out in high style." -Booklist, starred review

"In this delectable rural noir, well-developed side characters from crime victims to fellow FBI agents fill in the corners of the author's world...Good rural mysteries excel at showing how both the land and the law that governs it are deeply personal, and Panowich knows the residents of the Georgia foothills down to his bones. Perfect for fans of Attica Locke or Laura McHugh." --Library Journal, starred review

"[In] Panowich's gritty, pull-no-punches third thriller...the suspenseful plot is enhanced by Panowich's gifts at making even walk-on characters memorable." --Publishers Weekly



"Although the stark economic backdrop of rural Georgia and a cast of richly described characters fuel the narrative, it's the emotional complexity of well as the brass knuckle punch of an ending that will have readers applauding. This is hillbilly noir at its finest."Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"Brian Panowich's new novel, LIKE LIONS, is 272 pages of pure-dee rompin', stompin', asskickin' reader's delight."—Daniel Woodrell, best-selling author of Winter's Bone

"Brian Panowich's glorious return to Bull Mountain is another sprawling, brutal, no-holds-barred novel that held me in a death grip from page on until it kicked me out of the door with an ending I never saw coming."—C.J. Box, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Disappeared


"The opening chapters of this dazzling novel can give the impression that we're in hillbilly heaven...Keep reading. The wily author uses this soft opening to introduce a powerful retelling of the Cain and Abel story...Read and recommend to anyone who follows country noir or savors delicious prose."Booklist, Starred Review

"The storytelling is mesmerizing, with virtually every chapter set in a different timeline and focused on a single character, but the sense of immediacy carries over into each era. And while the violence is shocking in its coldhearted brutality, it's as aesthetically choreographed as any ballet."The New York Times Book Review

"Panowich deftly delves into 'something deeper than bone' between fathers and sons, between the land and its people."Kirkus

"Sociopaths, manipulators, and pathological liars abound, with the roads that led them each to their own brand of evil well developed...[this] book will appeal to readers of Wiley Cash, Ron Rash, and Daniel Woodrell for the way in which it brings the landscape and culture of rural Appalachia to life."Library Journal

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