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Julianna Baggott

Praise for Julianna Baggott


“Julianna Baggott's very winning HARRIET WOLF'S SEVENTH BOOK OF WONDERS is only incidentally about a lost masterpiece, a marriage bound by string, and a lunatic literary family. Dig deeper and it's about mothers and daughters and the conflicts and compromises that amount to love." Joshua Ferris, Man Booker Prize finalist for TO RISE AGAIN AT A DECENT HOUR

"Julianna Bagg
ott's devoted readers have long known that she is a genius who can do whatever she wants. But with Harriet Wolf's Seventh Book of Wonders she has somehow outdone herself. This novel, about a woman who is stuck telling and living a family story that someone else has written and whose ending has been (maybe) lost forever, reminds me of the best work by the great Steven Millhauser: brainy, self-aware, tender, full of loss, but also full of grace and wonder. This is Julianna Baggott's best book, which is one way of saying it's one of the best books you'll read this year, or any other.” Brock Clarke, author of AN ARSONIST’S GUIDE TO WRITERS’ HOMES IN NEW ENGLAND and THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

“Dazzling and ambitious, Baggott’s gorgeously written new novel explores the “miracles born out of desperation” of three generations of women, all set against an astounding sweep of 20th Century history.  A mesmerizing tale of a star-crossed love, and of the dark secrets of a fracturing family, the book is also a profound meditation about stories:  how they create and trap us, how they protect us, and how, even amidst great tragedy, they can sometimes make us bloom.  So full of wonders, it leaves you haunted, amazed, and, like every great read, irrevocably changed.” — Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of IS THIS TOMORROW and PICTURES OF YOU.

The PURE trilogy

"What lifts PURE from the glut of blood-spattered young adult fiction is not the story Baggott tells but the exquisite precision of her prose...discomfiting and unforgettable." — The New York Times Sunday Book Review

WHICH BRINGS ME TO YOU, with Steve Almond

“The writing is piercing, funny, and emotional. Baggott … and Almond’s … collaboration makes for a delightful and robust work that readers will not be able to put down as they savor every messy confession.” – Library Journal, starred review

“Sexy, funny, and touching . . . Keen insights into sex, love, and coming to terms with one’s own unruly imperfections. A winner.” — Kirkus, starred review

THE MADAM (nominated for the National Book Award)

“Baggott’s insights into the selling of sex and women’s depthless capacity for improvisation in the fight to survive and to defend their loved ones are galvanizing in their intensity and drama, and her cathartic and commanding novel is a provocative paean to unconventionality, unexpected alliances, courage, and autonomy.”  — Booklist


“Julianna Baggott enjoys living on the knife edge between hilarity and heartbreak and that makes her a writer after my own heart.” — Richard Russo, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

“Combines the indigenous dysfunction of Phillip Roth’s American Pastoral with the uninhibited disclosure of Russell Banks’s Rule of the Bone.” — Intelligencer Journal


“For Baggott, cosmic irony is always in the details, the absurd gap between self-knowledge and behavioral excess … [Her] brand of witty psychological observation is dark and corrosive… [she] has the knack for finding the oxymoronic in any situation.” — New York Times Book Review

“Baggott’s debut novel is a touching coming-of-age story ….[a] multi-layered, psychological tale… Appealingly quirky characters will charm readers.”  — Publishers Weekly

“… a wise look at mother-daughter legacies.” — Library Journal 



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