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Peter Swanson

  • (William Morrow)
  • by Peter Swanson
  • Foreign Publishers:

    Paikese Kirjastus - Estonia
    Calmann Levy - France

    Blanvalet - Germany
    GeneralPress - Hungary
    Dani Books - Israel
    Einaudi - Italy
    Tokyo Sogen - Japan
    Prunsoop - Korea

    Cappelen Damm - Norway
    Marginesy - Poland
    Hemiro Ltd - Russia
    Southside Stories - Sweden

    Altin Kitaplar - Turkey
    Faber & Faber - U.K.

  • In all three of his novels of suspense, the author manages to surprise the reader. His previous novel, THE KIND WORTH KILLING, was chosen by Entertainment Weekly as thriller of the year and was an international bestseller.

    Trading apartments with her Boston cousin seemed like a good idea to Kate. She might finally shake off the nightmares that have haunted her. On arrival, she discovers that the woman in the next apartment has been brutally murdered. Kate's worst fears are about to be realized, as the police come to suspect her cousin as the killer. There are other bodies in his past that she has yet to learn of.

    HER EVERY FEAR is a classic nail-biter of a troubled young woman in jeopardy. This novel echoes those of Patricia Highsmith at her best.

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