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Haylen Beck

  • (Crown, June 2017)
  • by Haylen Beck
  • Foreign Publishers:

    Verus - Brazil
    Domino - Czech Republic
    HarperCollins - France
    DTV - Germany
    Uitgeverij Q - Holland
    Alexandra - Hungary

    Yediot - Israel
    La Nave di Teseo - Italy
    Czarza Owca - Poland
    Presenca - Portugal
    Herg Benet - Romania
    Salamandra - Spain
    Harvill Secker - U.K.

  • Audra Kinney is fleeing New York and her abusive husband in the family car.  She’s taken her children, Sean (9) and Louise (5), with her.  In a desolate area of Arizona, she is pulled over by the local sheriff.  Her car appears to be overloaded.  The helpful cop starts unloading the vehicle and finds a cache of marijuana she doesn’t think is hers.  She is arrested and her children are taken from her “for safekeeping.”  The kids will disappear, and she will be hounded by the media, accused of murdering them.  The police deny ever having seen the children.  They claim the car was empty when it was stopped.

    It doesn’t help things that Audra has a history of using drugs and abusing alcohol.  It’s her word against the cops.

    Help comes from an unlikely source, an Asian-American man with a deadly criminal record—and a nightmare that has haunted him.

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