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Stuart Neville


"[A] gut-wrenching novel of psychological suspense with ghostly undertones... This unforgettable tale of servitude and subservience, domestic abuse, and toxic masculinity builds to a resolution offering redemptions and heartfelt solace. Neville has outdone himself." 
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“[THE HOUSE OF ASHES] will keep you turning the pages.” 

"A brilliant, atmospheric novel from Stuart Neville that plays with chronology and the idea that evil can linger in the dark places. Neville writes with care and empathy and his characters will stay with you for a long time. In a storied career, this may well be Stuart Neville's best book." 
—Adrian McKinty, best-sellinging author of THE COLD COLD GROUND

"Spellbinding . . . Neville hooks his reader with the opening sequences of his story, mystery, and horror emerging prominently. The multi-narrative structure that plays out is effective and gripping. Impressive just begins to describe Neville’s latest offering." 
Seattle Book Review

“Featuring supernatural and even gothic elements in a book fueled by female resilience, this is a huge departure for Neville, a risk that pays off quite handsomely . . . A story that is as moving and inspiring as it is terrifying.”  

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