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Mark Allen Smith

  • The Inquisitor
  • (Henry Holt)
  • by Mark Allen Smith
    Record: Italy
    Generights: Czech Republic
    Laffont: France
    Lübbe: Germany
    Unieboek: Holland
    Miska: Israel
    Mondadori: Italy
    Hayakawa: Japan
    Hachette Polska: Poland
    Editura Trei: Romania
    Ast: Russia
    Locus: Taiwan
    Koridor: Turkey
    Simon & Schuster: U.K.

  • Geiger’s business is extracting information from a subject. A meticulous torturer, he rarely causes the subject to bleed. His clients are referred to him from the world of international corporations, various government agencies, and organized crime. His skills are in worldwide demand. He calls his company Information Retrieval.

    One day a client brings him a subject he refuses to work on – a child. It’s clear that the client is not who he says he is. Geiger makes the decision to save the boy, putting himself in near-fatal danger.

    What Mark Smith has accomplished in his unusual debut thriller is winning the readers’ sympathy for Geiger, a central character no one should care for, in a world where torture has become a valuable tool and a business like Information Retrieval can flourish. Geiger’s history is a blank page – even to him. In saving the boy, he will discover that history.

    Following THE INQUISITOR, Smith's second novel, THE CONFESSOR, will be released in July.

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