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Michele Scicolone

Quotes and Reviews for ITALIAN HOLIDAY COOKING

"Michele Scicolone is the author of one of my all-time favorite cookbooks, LA DOLCE VITA. My food-stained, dog-eared copy is a road map to wonderful concoctions like a sweet-tart blueberry crostata, and crumiri, a buttery cornmeal biscuit to die for. I have been proud to "borrow" desserts for all three of our restaurants, and am continually amazed that every recipe works perfectly. Recipes so good, you want to call them your own. ITALIAN HOLIDAY COOKING offers some of Michele's savory recipes, like porcini quail and baccala stew. I don't know if I can wait for a holiday to start trying them."
Tom Douglas, Chef/owner of Dahlia Lounge, Etta's Seafood, and Palace Kitchen, and cookbook author of TOM DOUGLAS' SEATTLE KITCHEN

"Most Italians know what good food does to people. It nourishes, relaxes, soothes, comforts, and satisfies. But perhaps no food is appreciated and enjoyed by Italians as much as their traditional holiday recipes. Michele Scicolone knows this quite well and with her new book Italian Holiday Cooking she brings us a collection of irresistible, hard to find dishes. Her recipe for Struffoli, deep-fried, sweet dough nuggets coated with honey, is the one I want to make for Christmas. Bravo Michele!"
Biba Caggiano, author of Biba's Taste of Italy

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