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Ralph Steadman

  • The Joke's Over: Bruised Memories of Gonzo, Hunter Thompson and Me
  • (Harcourt Trade, Winter 2006)
  • by Ralph Steadman
  • Heinemann, U.K.

  • In Spring 1970, the artist Ralph Steadman went to America in search of work and found more than he bargained for. He met an ex-Hells Angel, called Hunter S. Thompson, who had just shaved his head. Their working relationship resulted in Gonzo and a partnership that lasted more than thirty-five years. Hunter wrote the articles. Ralph illustrated them.

    THE JOKE’S OVER: Bruised Memories of Gonzo, Hunter Thompson and Me tells the story of a remarkable collaboration that documented the turbulent years of the Civil Rights movement, the Nixon Years, campaign trails, Watergate and many great events that shaped the second half of the Twentieth Century. When Thompson committed suicide in 2005, it was the end of an unusual friendship, filled with both betrayal and understanding.

    This is a unique memoir and one that will be sought after and cherished by all fans of Thompson, Gonzo, and Steadman. Drawings by the artist will be included.

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