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Ralph Steadman

Praise for DOODAAA 

“What we have here is not only an amusing tale, but an important document in art history, an insider's account of what it has been like to be an artist at a time when the only apt artistic response to the atrocities of the twentieth century anyone has so far discovered is the aggressively inane and nonsensical art called Dada."
      - Kurt Vonnegut

“Amusing . . . [Steadman has a] fertile comic imagination." 
      - Publishers Weekly

“The book is driven by two qualities above all others: compassion and fury. An extraordinary mixture of autobiography, satirical art history and unhinged comedy”
      - Independent on Sunday

“A smart satire, stuffed with faux documentary photographs and Steadman’s trademark drawings.”
      - Artreview


“Steadman’s art… makes the book.”
      - Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“These are not critical postcards from the edge, but a cri de coeur, a call to arms for individuality and the right sort of idiosyncrasy – and along the way, an explanation of why Jack Nicholson would make an intriguing wine.”
      - Eve Zibart, restaurant critic for The Washington Post

“Steadman is the master of the well-placed splat, the artistic smudge, the serendipitously incontinent ink pen.”
      - The Washington Post

“Gifted is perhaps an understatement when it comes to his instantly recognizable work”
      - Wine News

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