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Eugenia Kim



"A timely and moving historical saga...will greatly appeal to readers who enjoy the multicultural novels of Lisa See and Amy Tan, stories that enlighten as well as entertain."Booklist, starred review

"This finely wrought novel from [Eugenia] Kim...reflects Kim's sharp insight into relationships. This is a stirring novel about family and the sacrifices made to keep it whole."Publishers Weekly

“[Eugenia] Kim is a true storyteller, and her latest work is engaging throughout. Readers who enjoy family sagas by Lisa See and Jamie Ford will appreciate this one.” —Library Journal


“Elegant…it offers a valuable window into Korean history as well as to issues like immigration and assimilation that couldn’t be more relevant today.” —Kirkus

“A graceful, poignant, and moving portrayal of one family’s struggle to remain a family through decades of war, migration, and separation.” —Viet Thanh Nguyen, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winner THE SYMPATHIZER


“Eugenia Kim’s KINSHIP OF SECRETS is a beautiful allegory of loss and recovery. Through the parallel growth of two separated sisters, Kim bears witness to the fall and rise of nation and its resilient and generous people. KINSHIP OF SECRETS is a gorgeous achievement.” —Min Jin Lee, author of New York Times best seller Pachinko


“A gripping story of war and immigration, as well as a tender meditation on what it means to be of a family and of a country.”Marie Myung-Ok Lee, author of Somebody’s Daughter


“The Korean War has been called “the forgotten war” in the West, but Kim’s second novel, a powerful narrative about the ways families relentlessly love and protect each other despite immense challenges, is a story that demands to be remembered, along with its history. A beautiful novel, and a necessary, important story for our times.”Woojin Grace Wuertz, author of Everything Belongs to Us




“A beautiful, deliberate and satisfying story spanning 30 years of Korean history . . . Elegant.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred review


“Kim has excelled at portraying Najin as a spirited yet loyal daughter and wife while exposing a tragic time during Korea’s sustained history as a nation.” —Library Journal


“Kim opens a window into a vanished world in this sensitively rendered homage to her mother’s life. . . . Fans of Lisa See’s recently published Shanghai Girls will be drawn into this achingly beautiful tribute to female perseverance and survival.” —Booklist


“Eugenia Kim’s sensitive first novel, which depicts 30 years of Korea’s modern history in light of its ancient past, is an illuminating prequel to present-day events. . . . Kim recounts a poignant family history, much of it based on her own mother’s life. . . . The narrative is keenly and often lyrically observed. . . . A satisfying excursion into empathetically rendered lives.”—The Washington Post


 “Fans of Lisa See’s or Amy Tan’s novels should eagerly embrace Najin, and THE CALLIGRAPHER’S DAUGHTERbids fair to become a staple of book clubs. While the story is Najin’s, its true subject is Korea’s occupation by Japan.” —Christian Science Monitor

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