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John Woods

  • (Pegasus)
  • by John Woods
  • Foreign Rights:

    Albin Michel - France
    NN Editore - Italy

  • In this gripping debut novel, John Woods has created an unforgettable character.  The eponymous heroine is a teenaged girl determined to escape the bleak and violent world of her hometown that has been destroyed by fracking. On her way out, she becomes involved in an act of Eco-terrorism against the frackers who have poisoned her young brother.  Letting nothing stand in her way, she is forced to commit two murders to achieve her goal. And the reader never stops rooting for her.  A novel reminiscent of Blood Meridian.

    A note from the author:

    I grew up in Appalachian Ohio.  It is coal country and fracking country, a land of dark hills. It is a place I feel I have escaped, a place that has deeply influenced me and my writing.  I find that most writing about rural America is fixated either on bucolic ideals or backwoods stereotypes. I think the truth is much more interesting and disturbing. My work explores the silent despair of small-town life, environmental decay, and the rise of fascistic thinking in America.

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