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Barry Green

  • The Mastery of Music: Ten Pathways to True Artistry
  • (Broadway Books, Winter 2003)
  • by Barry Green
  • Pan/Macmillian      UK

  • What makes the great musicians great? What is it that transforms a technically perfect performance into an unforgettable one? In this book Barry Green, the author of the groundbreaking bestseller THE INNER GAME OF MUSIC looks at the ways in which every musician can develop the qualities that will enrich his playing.

    Aimed at musicians, performers and teachers at every level, as well as non-musicians who want an insight into how musicians work, THE MASTERY OF MUSIC examines the ten key qualities that define great musicians, which are often associated with their instruments -- woodwind players and discipline, trumpeters and confidence, cellists and passion, violin soloists and concentration -- and how these ‘soul characteristics’ can be brought together to create great music.

    Including interviews with a vast range of musicians in the US and UK, from Joshua Bell, Celia Nicklin and Frederica von Stade to Dave Brubeck, Evelyn Glennie and Michael Thompson among many others, this is both inspiring and thought-provoking but also a very practical book which musicians everywhere will find invaluable.

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