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Adam Braver

Praise for Adam Braver

"Braver is a terrific writer, an observer of the most acute details; throughout NOVEMBER 22, 1963, he traces the subtle interactions of his characters as they collide and move apart."
       - David Ulin, Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Adam Braver's NOVEMBER 22,1963 focuses on the singular event of President Kennedy's assassination, fusing fiction and fact from eyewitnesses and other sources to make for a blazingly original, brilliantly concretized historical novel from the author of Mr. Lincoln's Wars."
       - ELLE

"Braver’s use of multiple viewpoints, engaging personal insight, and short blocks of prose propel readers through this impressive example of historical fiction."
       - Library Journal

"A captivating mix of fact and fiction ... Braver reveals the tragedy of a national story that decades later can still be acutely felt."
       - Publisher's Weekly

"In MR. LINCOLN’S WARS, no folksy humor or homespun anecdotes lighten Braver's multifaceted portrait of a president tormented by the burdens of war and weighed down with responsibility. Somber yet graceful, these stories draw on Lincoln's public image while venturing a visceral intimacy."
       - Publisher’s Weekly

"MR. LINCOLN’S WARS explores Abraham Lincoln's many wars, both personal and political, capturing the overwhelming emptiness, sorrow, and confusion of the Civil War."
       - Booklist

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