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Chad Dundas

  • (Putnam, Forthcoming)
  • by Chad Dundas
  • Matthew Rose returns home to Montana as a man without a past.

    The twenty-seven-year-old former soldier hasn’t been able to remember anything about his own life story since a deadly IED explosion rocked his infantry team during the final days of the Iraq war. For the last six months he’s been living with his mother in Florida, trying to piece together his fractured memories while being plagued by troubling dreams and disjointed flashbacks.

    Matthew suspects he’s suffering from a traumatic brain injury, but doctors can’t find anything wrong with him and the army has denied his disability claim. With no money and no prospects, he’s increasingly desperate to find an answer to what has gone wrong inside his head.

    Amid this personal chaos, he gets word that his estranged father has committed suicide. As next of kin, Matthew is named executor of the estate and flies back to Montana to put his father’s meager affairs in order. There he encounters Georgie Porter—his oldest friend and teenage love. Together, they witness a mysterious house fire in which a well-regarded local college student is killed.

    In her capacity as a reporter for the town’s newspaper, Georgie is assigned to investigate the fire. She quickly discovers the police suspect foul play and that the victim of the blaze is an enigma unto herself—a troubled young woman who came to town to confront her own childhood tragedy.

    Meanwhile, Matthew attempts to use his time at home to unravel his forgotten history.

    The deeper he gets, the more memories come back, and Matthew starts to believe his shattered mental state, his father’s suicide and the present-day house fire may all be connected.

    MISSING PIECES is a mystery and thriller set in the isolation and rural poverty of the new American West. Told from the points of view of Matthew and Georgie, as well as in a series of standalone flashback chapters, the novel explores concepts of family, loss and betrayal.

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