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Stuart Neville

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  • (Soho Press)
  • by Stuart Neville
    Aufbau: Germany

    Rivages: France
    Harvill Secker: U.K.

  • A gripping stand-alone novel by the acclaimed author of THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST.

    In anticipation of JFK’s visit to Ireland in the early 1960s, an anxious Irish government is faced with the task of solving a series of murders of Nazis and collaborators who have been living peacefully under assumed names in their country. The pressure is amped up by one of Germany’s real war heroes, Colonel Skorzeny, who is openly living in splendor in Ireland.
    Although Ireland was neutral in World War II, Lt. Albert Ryan fought on the side of the hated Brits. Despite his anti-Nazi sympathies, he is given the assignment of tracking down the killers. As he begins the hunt, Ryan knows that if he finds them, the killers may not live to face trial.

    (Available online: the first 25 pages of the novel.)

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