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Stuart Neville

Praise for RATLINES

"RATLINES is a belter: fast, furious, bloody and good." —Ian Rankin, New York Times bestselling author of EXIT MUSIC

"The current master of neo-noir detective fiction." —Boston Globe

"The moral ambiguities touch everyone.... This is complex fiction with a disturbing ring of truth." —Financial Times

"The plot reminds me of Jack Higgins at his very best.... This is a first-rate story that seizes the imagination, and never lets go." —Daily Mail (UK)

"The author's clean, direct prose, well-utilised research, intricate plotting and deep characterisation all add up to a seriously impressive piece of crime fiction, that lingers long in the memory." —The Independent (UK)

"Neville's writing is agile and atmospheric...creating a memorable monster in slippery, belligerent Haughey." —The Guardian (UK)

"A Nazi-hunting thriller writhing with double and triple-crosses and a supremely colourful cast." —Metro (UK)

“Thrilling.... Readers will hope to see more of Ryan, a formidable yet damaged hero." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Set in a time when James Bond was becoming popular, Neville's lean, mean prose tells a brutal story that's the opposite of 007...but no less captivating."—Shelf-Awareness

“The setup is real-life history and the rest is ‘just a story.’ But what a story it is!”—BookPage

"Neville writes wonderfully, setting the scene in precise, economical prose; pitting well-defined, historically inspired characters in opposition to each other; and tangling the plotlines tantalizingly... With a character this strong, we want to see him fight to the finish."—Booklist

"The best thrillers usually have the protagonist in a moral dilemma, and the dilemma here is a doozy… A brilliant character study of a man of real honour."—The Globe and Mail

“The first rule in getting a historical thriller right: characters first, historical details second. Stuart Neville aces it all. Grade: A.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer

"RATLINES superbly and cleverly tells the story of a street-smart man who must find justice for those without voices, while playing various agencies against each other. Above all, he must survive being cast as a scapegoat and pawn."—Barbara Tom, The Oregonian

“Stuart Neville’s books just get better and better and RATLINES is simply superb. A shocking moment in history is the backdrop to a hugely gripping thriller, and I really hope we see Albert Ryan again.” —Mark Billingham, bestselling author of RUSH OF BLOOD

"A great book and the rest of the 2013 books will have to work hard to top it."—Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

“Wildly entertaining, RATLINES is a superb mystery but in addition, a spotlight on a slice of Irish history largely ignored. This is a complex mystery told in the exceptional style that Stuart Neville has made his own. Jameson and Nazis, Irish rebel songs and Charles Haughey, it's a bold and brilliant blend.”—Ken Bruen, Shamus Award winning author of The Guard

"Neville, whose debut, THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST, won the 2010 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Best Mystery/Thriller, concocts a believable plot with an intriguing protagonist torn between duty to country and his distaste for Nazi criminals. Fans of Jack Higgins and Ken Follett will enjoy this noguavel."—Library Journal

“Another moody winner mixes Nazis into Neville's usual Irish noir.”—Kirkus Reviews

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