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Viet Thanh Nguyen

  • (Grove Press)
  • by Viet Thanh Nguyen
  • Foreign Publishers:

    Arab Scientific Publishers - Arabic
    Shanghai Translation Publishing - China
    Belfond - France
    Karl Blessing Verlag - Germany

    Uitgeveriji Marmer - Holland
    Babel - Israeal

    Neri Pozza - Italy
    SolumBokvennen - Norway

    Elsinore - 20/20 - Portugal
    Editura Art - Romania

    Planeta - Spain
    Tranan - Sweden
    Marco Polo Press - Taiwan

    Epsilon Yayinlari - Turkey
    Corsair - U.K.
    Phuong Nam - Vietnam

  • Nguyen has followed up his gripping, multi-prize winning novel THE SYMPATHIZER with a story collection that is both poignant and stirring.  THE REFUGEES contains stories that touch on subjects ranging from a sibling bond that transcends death to the universal tragedy of watching love fade along with a partner’s memory.  These stories highlight the struggles that many experience when they are caught between cultures or generations.

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