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Jack O'Connell

Praise for Jack O'Connell

(Algonquin, April 2008)

"Jack O'Connell has labored in obscurity for many years; this will be the novel that garners him widespread sales and critical acclaim. THE RESURRECTIONIST—a brilliantly tuned mesmerizing labyrinth of a quasi-real world as only a master artist could draw it—will jazz you, floor you, grab you and shake you and leave you hung out to dry in that world. A brilliant breakthrough novel."
       - James Ellroy

“The shadow world of comic books provides O’Connell with material for a nightmarish story that’s hallucinatory, tightly structured and ultimately redemptive.”
       - Kirkus Reviews

“An engrossing, elaborately staged exploration of consciousness … this strange brew is sure to enhance O'Connell's growing cult status.”
       - Publisher’s Weekly

"The novel has a kind of hallucinatory fascination... amazing in its density, power, richness of detail, humor and irony... a dazzling piece of work." (One of the year's 10 best)
       - Los Angeles Times

"You'll spend a long time on the road before finding a more deeply imagined world... O'Connell should apply for his own ZIP code."
       - Kirkus Reviews

"An original nightmare... speaks with a fine fury about the yearning for forbidden knowledge and the language to articulate the mysteries it unlocks."
       - The New York Times

"Wildly original... the hallucinatory trip is dazzling."
       - The New York Times Book Review

"Dark, disturbingly hilarious... breathtaking... It's a measure of O'Connell's immense talent that while creating his absolutely original and hyperbolic world, he also paints a striking vision of the haunting ways in which life and art mirror each other."
       - Publisher's Weekly

"You'd have to go back to early Thomas Pynchon or late James Joyce to find a prose as charged as this... there are few writers with Jack O'Connell's range of knowledge."
       - Boston Magazine

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