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Lou Manfredo

  • Rizzo's War
  • (St. Martin/Minotaur, Fall 2009)
  • by Lou Manfredo
  • Having spent years as a New York State Court Officer, Lou Manfredo knows, more than most, how "the system" works. Much of what he has learned is distilled in his fictional character, 26-year police veteran, Detective Rizzo. As he tries to teach his new partner that there is no right or wrong way of doing things, "there just is," we learn that Rizzo knows how to do favors for other cops and how to call those favors in when he needs their help to solve cases.

    RIZZO'S WAR is as much a novel about character as it is about solving cases. This is a refreshing debut in which there are no murders, but we learn about cops and how they really get the job done.

    RIZZO'S WAR is the first of a proposed trilogy. Manfredo is already at work on the sequel, RIZZO'S BATTLE.

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