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James Carlos Blake

Winner of L.A. Times Book Prize

"A great read from start to finish, full of grit, local color, and a large cast of vibrant."
       — Library Journal

"A rollicking tale … [With] Cormac McCarthy's tutelary spirit [and] soupçons of Garcia Márquez … the book keeps good company … full of wry humor and thoughtful writing."
       — Kirkus Reviews

"This is historical fiction in the manner of Umberto Eco ... many-faceted, slow, and savory."
       — Booklist

"Blake's literary badlands are uniquely his own — crime novels set in well-researched historical settings that manage to avoid crime-fiction clichés."
       — GQ

"Forget Davy Crockett and the other "heroes" of the Alamo. Blake's third novel offers a much bloodier and more terrible picture of the West than legends would have us believe."
       — Library Journal

"Blake again demonstrates his talent for mingling historical fact with fiction, in the case here of the Mexican War and the antebellum frontier."
       — Kirkus Reviews

"A genuine tour-de-force."
       — Rocky Mountain News

       — Kirkus Reviews

"Blake writes with a fearless precision and a ruthless sensibility, his prose is spare and tough, and his descriptions detailed and cinematic."
       — Publishers Weekly

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