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T.J. English

  • The Savage City: A Generation on the Edge
  • (William Morrow, Fall 2010)
  • by T.J. English
  • In the late 1960s, the Wylie-Hoffert murder case was one of the most famous crimes in America. Two young career women were brutally slain in their expensive apartment in the safest neighborhood in New York. For months, the case would go unsolved, until the police arrested George Whitmore, a young black man, and paraded his confession.

    T.J. English focuses on Whitmore’s story as well as that of two other characters—one of the most corrupt cops on the NYPD and one of the city’s most outspoken black militants. Through these stories, he recreates a picture of New York as a city at war with itself. One where justice was either not served or it was for sale. A city with a corrupt police department, battling some of its own citizens.

    This is a page-turning history from a master craftsman and bestselling author, illustrated with photos of the city and the characters who played pivotal roles in that story.

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