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William Buhlman

  • The Secret of the Soul
  • (Harper San Francisco, July 2001)
  • by William Buhlman
  • A leading expert on out-of-body experiences reveals how to explore the true spiritual self, enhancing life on every level.

    In ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY William Buhlman shared his own and other people’s fascinating out-of-body experiences (OBEs), and provided some basic techniques to guide readers on their own journeys. Now, in his THE SECRET OF THE SOUL, Buhlman takes the reader to the next level by showing how to put OBEs into practice. With more than forty new techniques, readers will learn how to project their consciousness past the limits of the physical body and explore dimensions beyond those of the everyday world. Buhlman teaches how to use out-of-body experiences to explore pure, individual consciousness, the “full consciousness” that he believes is the most profound experience humankind can achieve. THE SECRET OF THE SOULleads the way down a mysterious path that awaits us - the path to understanding the nature of our very soul.

    ADVENTURES BEYOND THE BODY has sold more than forty thousand copies

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