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Eddie Bunker

Praise for Eddie Bunker

"In this picaresque, harrowing, humorous, yet deeply sad excursion through his dark starred youth, Bunker – arguably the most renowned convict writer in America – serves as both participant and witness to the mid-century carnival of L.A. crime immortalized by James Ellroy…a thought provoking and richly re-created tale of a career criminal."
       – Publisher’s Weekly

"EDUCATION OF A FELON is a masterful summation of the hard and brutal life of crime and prison from which Edward Bunker chiseled the vigorous prose that marks him as America’s foremost chronicler of prison life…"
       – The Los Angeles Times

"Bunker writes in straight-ahead, unadorned prose, and refreshingly, he refrains from excessive psychologizing and sentimentalizing…a rough-hewn memoir by a rough-hewn man."
       – The New York Times Book Review

"Bunker is a true original of American letters."
       – James Ellroy

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