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Urban Waite

  • The Terror of Living
  • (Little Brown)
  • by Urban Waite
    Karisto: Finland
    Actes Sud: France
    Droemer: Germany
    Bruna: Holland
    Piemme: Italy
    Shinchosha: Japan
    Albatros: Poland
    Ucila: Slovenia
    Urano: Spain
    Simon & Schuster: U.K.

    Hunt, an ex-convict, has spent the past twenty years on his small ranch, quietly boarding horses and supplementing his income with the odd drug smuggling job. He knows how to keep his head down and lead an inconspicuous life. Things begin to go wrong when he’s talked into a big drug deal that requires the use of two of his horses in the mountains.

    Thus opens this non-stop read.

    When the big drug deal goes bad, Hunt is pursued not only by a cop with an interesting history, but by a hired killer who loves to work in close with his knives, one of the scariest characters ever to darken a thriller.

    One of the most promising young writers we’ve represented in years, Urban Waite has written a number of first-rate stories, published in a variety of literary magazines. They will be assembled in a forthcoming collection.

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