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Dermot Owens

  • by Dermot Owens
  • A taut suspense novel told from alternating points of view of father and daughter detectives in Belfast.


    When a violent storm unearths a buried skull in the surf, Detective Tara Kennedy is called to the scene.  It doesn’t take her long to determine that the skull is that of her father, police detective Liam Kennedy, missing for twenty years.  She prevails upon her superiors to allow her to lead the investigation into his murder.


    As Tara begins to explore the cases her father was working on when he disappeared, the narrative goes back and forth between her present-day investigation and her father’s pursuit of those cases.  What father and daughter unearth is a shocking case of corruption and cover-up at the highest levels of law enforcement.


    Dermot Owens gives us a dramatic picture of the way things have changed in Belfast from the time of “The Troubles”—and how some things have remained the same.

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