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Richard Russo

  • (Knopf)
  • by Richard Russo
  • Foreign Publishers: 

    La Table Ronde - France
    DuMont Verlag - Germany
    Navona - Spain

    Allen & Unwin - U.K.

  • A book of short fiction comprised of four novellas, TRAJECTORY is further proof of Richard Russo's talent and appeal to readers. A professor must confront her own weaknesses as she faces off against a young plagiarist...A middle-aged man facing an ominous medical prognosis finds himself in his late father's shadow...An academic and his estranged brother encounter complications during a doomed trip to Venice...A lapsed novelist struggles with his wife's illness and is stymied by the movie business as he tries to rekindle his screenwriting career. Just as in his novels, Russo manages to create characters that jump off the page and tug at the heart.

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